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Is your content too regular?

Do you have a constant sense of security and contentment?

Are you always filled with some sort of stuffing?

You need Occasionally, content!

Occasionally, content is a unsteady stream of a variety of media of inconsistent quality. An amorphous sploodge of writing, art, comics and photography shot out of a shaky leaking pipe of the intertubes.

With the latest VC backed fintech, Occassionally, content is a cutting edge exploration of the frontiers of the web3 metaverse using the most advanced data mining and machine learning solutions. This paragraph is just a bunch of nonsense to sound professional.


Core features:

Occasionally, content features a revolutionary finite scroll! When you run out of content you just have to wait an indefinite amount of time! It barely works on a phone!

Occasionally, content uses an algorithmic combination of eldritch-astrology, cosmic-ray-reading, necromancy and gastro-archaeology to predict and deliver content that is tailored to your exact taste. It doesn't work at all!

Occasionally, content has absolutely no idea who you are and honestly doesn't care! Beyond privacy, we don't even think about you.

Did we mention?


What do our users say?

The update schedule is spotty.
---Satisfied customer

Occasionally, content is an elaborate complex shitpost.
---Paid reviewer #2

Occasionally, content saved my life!
---Not alive

It tastes like melted plastic.
---Stop chewing on that!

Two thumbs up and 3 index fingers.
---Can't count and has a vague idea about fingers.

Occasionally, content provides balanced nutrition for my dog.
---Not a bot

Pls send personal data

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