A girl in a big conical witch hat, flanked by three catfish in a trenchcoat and a smirking featherless chicken

I am a man, in the strict Platonic sense that I am featherless biped with flat nails. But this is the internet and I may be lying about even that. You can't trust anything you read on the internet these days.

For all you know I might just be three catfish in trench coat, flopping on a keyboard as we collectively gasp for air and creating comprehensible sentences by pure improbable random chance. Any artwork might be the result of our asphyxiated trashing hitting a mouse, opening MS Paint and through the smallest random chance miraculously producing comprehensible images. We cannot explain the photos. The best we can offer is that Satan placed them there to challenge your faith in God.

The point is, I'm in a pocket of the internet where I'm not pureed and spludged into a set of clearly labeled boxes for the convenience of voyeuristic advertisers. Why would I want to anything more than a vague shadow of a human being, somewhere on the continuum between a chicken with all the feathers plucked out and a trio of suffocating fish?

I suppose this page portrays a person as well as a list of pronouns and my favourite anime. (I like The Wind Rises, Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and Haibane Renmei)

But if you insist on getting to know me better, go read my writing, look at my art or photos. The character that you construct from all those clues will only contain a grain of truth, but it will be true enough to be functionally real to you. I'm sure it's a great person, I'd like to meet them if I could.

This site is best viewed with low expectations. It took me 30 minutes to center this column.


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If you need to reach me, you can contact me through my site profile since I hate checking my email it makes irrationally anxious.