I draw a lot of pretty girls. I have no excuses. I just like doing it. This is where I'm dumping all of it as a temporary archive. I'll probably add to this or thin this out once in a while, it's a very dynamic gallery. All these were done in 2021.

Loose lines LOOSE LINES. Drawing a bit more loosely.

Wet WET. I thought that there was something wrong with this one, but looking back after 6 months or so, it looks acceptable.

Dream imagery II DREAM IMAGERY II. I kept sketching this setting, adding stuff into it. I may actually use this material for a short comic if I ever get around to it. But it's pretty low on my priority list right now.

Crow witch CROW WITCH. Had to reference fashion, drapery and bird skeleton anatomy for this one. The whiteness of the bones were emphasised by filling the background with hatched tones. Sometimes I do enjoy these more technical pieces.

FLOWER WITCH. Very detailed hatching for this one, but with some doodle like flowers to balance it out. If there is a lesson here, it's that bad perspective can always be obscured by background objects.Flower witch

Gratitude GRATITUDE. I was sitting on this one for a while, wondering whether it was good enough to put up or if there was a horrible flaw that I hadn't noticed. I guess I could have rendered the hair better, but it's acceptable enough. The hand going out of the frame didn't look like much on the original drawing, but it looks good on a website.

ReadingREADING. This is actually rejected piece that I was originally intending for my writing section. Something just didn't fit, so I'm just going put it here instead. I'll probably redraw it one day since the concept works but the execution didn't.

WritingWRITING. This eventually went up on the writing section. Hard to say why I chose it. Maybe it just felt 'lighter'.

Pixel portrait

PIXEL PORTRAIT. A bit of an accident that I created while trying to save on file size, managed to get it down to 23.8kB. Drawn in pen and then converted into low resolution 1-bit color, then upscaled using CSS so the pixels are more obvious. The end result is something that looks a bit like a hybrid of pen and ink and pixel art.

BASIC SHAPES. Wanted to draw a girl in a conical hat. So I added some practice on my fundamentals. A bit of screentone shading as well.Basic shapes

CATFISH DANCE. Testing out screentone textures. Catfish dance

Changelog: Exhibition opened Sept 2021