Seraphim Closet

I was just playing around with the format of a single page folded zine with this. It's kind of a really short picture book or illutrated poem or comic strip, I'm not that sure what it falls under. All the pages are spreads, so it's actually just 3 panels. Because of that it follows the pace of a traditional 3 panel gag comic despite being an experiment with a different format. As with any time I use any religious terms, it's purely because of the most superficial reasons and don't think too deeply about it.

I wrote this in late 2019 originally as a poem, it was a way to get away from the burnout at work that I was feeling. I later drew a single page comic out of it, which were just pencils that I never got around to inking. It sat in a folder through the pandemic until I got curious about zines, I decided to rearrange things a bit and use it as a practice zine. I kept the linework sparse to make it printer friendly.

You can download the zine here and print it out yourself.

*You can navigate using the links, or use the arrow keys to scroll through it. Sometimes the arrows don't work from the start and you need to click around the corners of the screen or the scroll bar for it to work.


There's not much to say about this. It's a short story that doesn't overstay its welcome. I learned a bit about printing out stuff, what image compression works for print quality images and how things look in physical form though, so as an experiment I can call it a success.