Shorts was a series of comics that I made for no one in particular, they were very much just me experimenting with the medium and understanding the technical aspects of making comics as well as trying to figure out how to tell a story. It was partly inspired by Mizukami Satoshi's short story collections, as well as Koi Ryuko's wonderful short mangas in "Terrarium in the drawer". They were my first successful attempt at making comics for an extended amount of time. I'm going to preface this by saying that they aren't good comics by any means. But they were a big step in the right direction and I'm glad that I finished them.

I drew most of these on small landscaped A6 or A5 sized pages. Which was a limitation that I had at the time since there was something wrong with my scanner bed and I couldn't scan an entire A4 sheet cleanly. About half of these weren't typeset and I only got around to adding in the lettering (which is why the lettering looks a bit different between each short.)

Shorts was the spiritual successor of the Rubbish I and Rubbish II anthologies, which predictably ended up in the dustbin. Always dark under the overpass and Atlas by the sea have their prototypical counterparts in Shorts, but I liked those stories so I decided to redraw them properly.

Table of contents:

————————Just a pinch of metal———————— 8 A story about impending death. ——————With hearts smaller than pinholes.—————— 8 A celestial beings meddles with mortal matters ——————Serpentine—————— 8 Mediations of life and death ——————Behind the yellow line—————— 8 There are two types of men...