Behind the yellow line

A father looks back on the type of person that he has been.

This was originally a two page comic scribbled in my sketchbook to entertain myself when I was in a rural area without any internet. It held up, so I expanded it adn got most of it done around 2018. I love trains, but since the pandemic I've only been on one once in the last 2 years. So it's a time capsule of sorts of those lazy days taking a slow train downtown. I really do miss those days.

*You can navigate using the links, or use the arrow keys to scroll through it. Sometimes the arrows don't work from the start and you need to click around the corners of the screen or the scroll bar for it to work.


The germ of this idea comes from a two page comic that I drew one day when I had nothing to do. It's still relatively similar to the original idea in my sketchbook, but I padded it with more imagery of trains. In a way it's filled with my memories of taking the commuter train downtown. I tried to put down all the feelings and textures of those days. It goes without saying that I like trains.

As simple as this story was, I had a hard time coming up with how to draw it in 8 pages. Originally I planned to add a frame story to it to add page count. But it just proved to be too distracting to the real core of the story. Because of that I had to redraw it after finishing the pencils of the previous version.

For the inking I avoided solid blacks, just using short delicate lines to to all the hatching. By this time I had gotten used to drawing with a G-Pen and could get thin consistant lines out of it. Putting down that many lines with short wrist actions was pretty painful.