With hearts smaller than pinholes

A girl encounters an (self described) angel.

I wanted to practice my technical skills like paneling (It looks terrible) and inking (Not bad, but not good either). For a subject I just drew a lighthearted comedy, nothing is very deep here. The set up is a simple two characters and lots of misunderstandings.

*You can navigate using the links, or use the arrow keys to scroll through it. Sometimes the arrows don't work from the start and you need to click around the corners of the screen or the scroll bar for it to work.


The earliest germ of the idea for this comic comes from a small sketch in my sketchbook with the words: "An angel held together by ductape." This entire comic is just me goofing off and drawing all the dumb things that I want to draw. This comic also went through a whole lot of revisions. But for this comic I had already gotten into the workflow of just skipping the script and story board and just drawing it as I went, so I have no idea how many versions I went through before I got to the final product.

There aren't many influences to this one. Perhaps there is a bit of "Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru" in it.

I sat on this comic for a long time purely because I didn't have much confidence in the quality of the jokes. Honestly a lot of the humor is kind of dumb, but enough to entertain me.