This is my dump for the stuff I did for Inktober 2022.

If you're not familiar with Inktober, it's basically drawing something complete every day for the whole of October. This year I wanted to do it, but also take it easy, so I didn't use a prompt list. I just drew whatever I liked every day.

Uploaded on 21.1.2021 since I'm terrible with deadlines. But this is my website, I get to put up my inktober stuff whenever I want

A sketchbook

This year I saddle stiched a small A5 sized booklet to draw in. The cover was a recycled sketchpad cover, I like the slightly aged look..

A girl with two fingers held up in each hand, saying 22.

Anyway, enjoy Inktober 2022.

Uploaded on 21.1.2023 since I'm terrible with deadlines. But this is my website, I get to put up my inktober stuff whenever I want

Arabic calligraphy for the word Peace

I had a brush pen, so I tried a bit of calligraphy and brush script. It kind of set the pace for this Inktober, less demanding and less complicated drawings.

Two frowning frogs

I tried drawing anxious frogs, like those that exist in some Japanese ink paintings. I think they aren't anxious enough.

A portrait of a girl drawn with a continuous line.

Continuous lines, I sketched this out then inked it in without taking my hand off the paper. The effect looks quite nice in the end. I focused too much on the inking and ended up making a silly typo.

Some sort of humanoid insect monster

I just started drawing and adding on more parts. This is what I ended up with. I know I wanted to draw less detailed stuff, but I couldn't help myself.

A girl standing in front of a staircase between two buildings

I wanted to draw some architecture. I'm cheating with the perspective by not aligning the buildings and the staircase. Realising that not all buildings have to be on grids really helped with drawing urban backgrounds.

A witch starting a fire

I read a chapter of "Witch Hat Atelier", then I got inspired to draw this.

A Mech half submerged firing at an unseen enemy

This was inspired by the art in Battletech sourcebooks.

A submerged woman and a eel.

A belut is a type of freshwater eel. People make soup out of it. I don't know what this is about, but I wanted to draw a very fairy tale looking illustration.

A comic about a samurai fighting off two enemies.

I wanted to do some sequential art. It didn't turn out as well as I would have liked.

A robot

I didn't feel well, so I phoned it in and jsut drew a robot.


This is usually the point in Inktobers when people give up or where the quality starts dipping (as it has here). Phoning it in again with another robot (It looks like a Temjin from Virtual On). Some skulls of Fluters from Evan Dahm's Vattu.

A huge mess of sketches on a page

This is just a bunch of doodles. Something mechanical always seems to find its way into my doodles.

A sketch of various parts of a velociraptor.

I once did a project with the Velociraptor mongoliensis, in hindsight I don't think my memory of it is all that accurate.

A cute girl holding a skull

I was binging "Made in Abyss" and that was eating up my time. I drew this because I wanted to do something moe.

A robot

I drew this without any planning. It looks like an 80's bootleg robot.

A knight covered in vines.

I wasn't thinking much when I drew this. Just wanted to do an armor and some sort of vegetation.

A giant rabbit samurai and someone in despair

I drew the rabbit without any planning, and there was a lot of empty space so I added a figure into it. It resulted in this very mysterious story.

A woman in a tank hatch in front of a bunch of militaristic robots.

I drew this without any planning. Just started with a face and kept adding on military shapes.

A girl in a ornate gateway

I wanted to draw patterns.

A wood carving like pattern.

Inspired by Chinese wood carvings.

Another robot. Why do I keep doing these?

You can tell that I was busy/uninspired on this day. In the hurry I drew this on the wrong page in my book.

Girls holding up 2 2 10 2 2 fingers.

It was the only date where I could draw this pose.

Various building details.

I was just winging it with this. It turned out ok for what it is.

A skeleton snuffing out a candle

I asked a friend for a prompt, they told me "time". I didn't want to spend too much time on this.

A factory in front of a landscape.

This one is a dud. I wanted to do something ukiyo-e inspired, but I didn't have the time or energy to execute it properly.

A girl making a square with her fingers

Bouncing back from the last one, I wanted to cross hatch.

A rounded organic looking spaceship

A slightly more inspired spaceship/robot. Maybe I was looking at too much Kow Yokoyama stuff.

Two cute heavily armed fantasy characters

I wanted to draw something moe and something to contrast with the last sci-fi drawing.

Yes, another robot

I wanted to draw a bad guy grunt mecha. I had time and energy, but I just wanted to draw a robot.

This is the last robot

This is a simplified design from sometihng which I previously did. But I like the bio organic horror look.

A woman having ice cream

I wanted to end on a more pleasant note. The perspective doesn't work, but it looks ok. Perspective doesn't have to make sense, as long as it looks ok.