Short Form

After Inktober in 2022, I wanted to experiment more with bookbinding and smaller themed sketchbooks. Before I would mostly draw everything in loose leaf paper, so I wondered if I could benefit from some additional structure. This followed the concept of inktober, but instead of rushing every day to complete a drawing I took my time and focused on experimentation and quality while spacing it out between 2 months. There were only 16 pages in this sketchbook, hence its name: Short form.

As for the theme, there wasn't much of a theme. Mostly things that I find easy and fun to draw. There were a lot more figure drawings and portraiture, trying to figure our form and rendering in pen and ink.

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This was a rendering experiment, trying to figure out how to render Rembrant lighting using ink.


This was just a study of a side profile. Trying to capture more Asian features. Nothing ambitious here.

A rendering study. Trying to figure out the transparent look of the poncho/cloak as well as stylised water.


Some made up architecture in an attempt to draw convincing fantasy buildings.

A study of Korean beauty standards. A bunch of random shapes as a background.

Took me a while to get the hand right.


Most of this doesn't work, but I like how the sky turned out. Really managed to capture a lot of energy in the linework.

Grab bag II

Sometimes I just like to draw a whole lot of unrelated stuff together.


I saw this image in a dream and decided to draw it to see if I could replicate it. Very much like old school CRPGs.


Trying a more vignette style of composition so I can skip drawing backgrounds.


The lesson here is that you can use vegetation to hide parts of anatomy that you aren't sure about.


An attempt to explore the transluscence of sheer material. As well as studying everyday clothing.


I saw an aquarium with some catfish in it, so I snapped some photos and used them for this study. Catfish are also useful to hide anatomy that you aren't sure about.


A cutaway of a dumpy looking powered armor.


A bunch of funny little characters.


Not as good as the first one, but still trying to figure out how to properly depict Rembrant lighting. It's a problem when I get too focused on the anatomy and planes and I forget to draw proper character and expression.