Gallery 1: Street photography


Rain, traffic jams, it's an excuse to stop somewhere and take pictures. I was at a shopping mall and there was a really nice raintree flowering next to a staircase. I managed to use the height to get some nice angles that wouldn't be possible without it.

Religion in Pudu

An older part of town known for its wet market and electronics shops. I stopped by in between work to take some photos of religious buildings and shrines.

Tropical city

There's a lot of vegetation in Kuala Lumpur. It's like nature is trying to swallow the city.

Old KL

Went for a short walk after some flood relief activities. The water didn't reach this part of town. Quite a few nice buildings nestled between indiscriminate high rises. Shooting with my manual 25mm, so there's less fast action scenes.


Late last week I visited the administrative capital of Putrajaya. Since there were huge lakes I decided to try to take landscape photos with my telephoto lens.

Street scene

I saw this scene in my rearview mirror, so I got out of my car to take it.

It keeps raining

Was waiting for something to get done. When I got my camera out to kill time it started pouring. I managed to get a few shots while trapped at some shoplots, but only one of them was worthwhile


After a long time struggling with a manual lens, I decided to take it easy and use my kit lens on downtown Kuala Lumpur. A lot less thinking and fiddling with my camera. A lot more photo taking. The results look more "street photography" than my previous attempts.

It rained in Kuala Lumpur

This was a short project where I decided on a theme and tried to work to the strengths of my lens. Only close focus on smaller nearby subjects. I tried to capture the feeling of the aftermath of a tropical thunderstorm that hit KL in the afternoon. My kit was really minimalistic, the 25mm f1.2 7artisans on my Fujifilm X-A2.

Georgetown, Penang

First time I went on a long distance holiday since the pandemic started. Did a walkabout in the old city of Georgetown, taking terrible street photographs. There were plenty of duds, but here are the good ones. Also I'm experimenting with my workflow and photo editing software.


I had some free time in the morning before a meeting, so I went and took some photos around the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. I tried to avoid that cliche shot of the twin towers.

Dinner break

In between work I stopped for dinner near some suburban shop lots. I was experimenting with cooler white balance, which is why there is a green hue to the photos.

New village

There was a traffic jam on the highway, so I took the back roads and stopped by the Sungai Way New Village and took some photos. Beats being stuck in a jam. New villages have an interesting history, they were basically concentration camps where poor rural ethnic Chinese were interned during the Malayan Emergency. The Brits had a quiant way of naming these things. But that's all in the past now. It's still pretty poor area, but it's now right in the middle of the urban sprawl that is Kuala Lumpur.

I'm experimenting with getting a more filmic quality and less vibrant colors.