Gallery 3: Shitposting and bycatch

Golden hour. Walk in the park

A day off so I went for a walk in the local park to experiment with black and white photography. I'm actually pretty good at nature photography, so the incidental photos turned out better than what I set out to take. All of these were SOOC jpegs using the Classic chrome film simulation and with minor cropping.

Rainy day traffic jam

Wanted to do some photography, but it's the monsoon season and my camera isn't weather sealed. Not many chances to actually take photos for the next few months. I was stuck in a traffic jam too. So abstract shots of lights were the only thing I could get.


This is a very experimental series where I'm trying to play around with reduced file sizes. How much can I remove while keeping the intent of the image? All these shots were taken at night on empty streets, I really like wandering around at night.